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Pre-Professional Program

“NOBA exposes youth to some of the industry’s most notable teachers, choreographers, directors and dancers. It is unparalleled in its reach, and sets a standard for excellence through diversity on all levels.”
-Dwight Rhoden, Artistic Director, Complexions Contemporary Ballet

Auditions for the 2017-2018 Academic Year have passed. Please stay tuned for updates regarding auditions for NOBA's 2018 Summer Intensive Programs.

All class locations and exact schedule breakdowns below are subject to change, and may also vary each week based on rehearsals or classes associated with special performances/projects. Attendance is required at all assigned program classes, rehearsals, and activities.

MONDAY: The Chevron Studio at Lyons NORDC Center
6:45-7:30pm Intermediate Pointe (placed by pointe technique level)
7:30-8:45pm Advanced Pointe (placed by pointe technique level)
TUESDAY: The Chevron Studio at Lyons NORDC Center
6:45-8:15pm Purple Track Ballet
8:15-8:45pm Purple Track Pointe or Rehearsal
THURSDAY: The Chevron Studio at Lyons NORDC Center
7:00-8:45pm Purple Track Modern and Rehearsals
FRIDAY: The Chevron Studio at Lyons NORDC Center
6:15-8:00pm Purple Track Ballet
8:00-8:45pm Purple Track Rehearsal or Workshop
SATURDAY: McWilliams Hall, Tulane University
10:00-11:30am Purple Track Ballet
11:30am-12:15pm Purple Track Pointe
12:30-3:00pm Purple Track Rehearsals

MONDAY: The Chevron Studio at Lyons NORDC Center
5:30-6:45pm Orange Track Ballet
6:45-7:30pm Intermediate Pointe
WEDNESDAY: The Chevron Studio at Lyons NORDC Center
6:45-8:15pm Orange Track Ballet
8:15-8:45pm Orange Track Rehearsal
FRIDAY: McWilliams Hall, Tulane University
5:45-7:15pm Orange Track Pointe
7:15-8:45pm Orange Track Modern
SATURDAY: McWilliams Hall, Tulane University
10:30-12:15pm Orange Track Ballet and Pointe
12:30-3:00pm Orange Track Rehearsals

MONDAY: Stallings St. Claude NORDC Center
6:25-7:15pm Beginner Pointe (by invitation only)
WEDNESDAY: The Chevron Studio at Lyons NORDC Center
5:30-6:45pm Blue Track Ballet
FRIDAY: McWilliams Hall, Tulane University
5:45-7:15pm Blue Track Modern
7:15-8:30pm Blue Track Ballet
SATURDAY: McWilliams Hall, Tulane University
9:15-10:30am Blue Track Ballet
10:30-11:30am Blue Track Rehearsals
11:30am-12:30pm Blue Track Extra Rehearsals as needed

MONDAY: Stallings St. Claude NORDC Center
5:15-6:25pm Pink Track Ballet
6:25-7:15pm Beginner Pointe (by invitation only)
WEDNESDAY: Stallings St. Claude NORDC Center
5:15-7:15pm Pink Track Ballet and Rehearsal
SATURDAY: The Chevron Studio at Lyons NORDC Center
12:00-1:30pm Pink Track Modern

BRIDGE PROGRAM (by invitation from NOBA Education Coordinators only – this program is a preparatory program that potentially feeds in to the Pre-Professional Program)
TUESDAY: The Chevron Studio at Lyons NORDC Center
5:30-6:45pm Bridge Program Ballet
THURSDAY: The Chevron Studio at Lyons NORDC Center
5:30-7:00pm Bridge Program Ballet and Rehearsal
SATURDAY: The Chevron Studio at Lyons NORDC Center
10:30am-12:00pm Bridge Program Modern and Rehearsal

Friday, August 4, 2017: Final Auditions for 2017-18 Pre-Professional Program
September 4, 2017: Labor Day, no classes
Week of September 5, 2017: CFD fall classes begin
October 31, 2017: Halloween, no classes
November 19 – 26, 2017: Thanksgiving break, no classes
December 3, 2017 (3:00pm & 6:00pm): tentative date for The Nutcracker Suite
December 5 – 14, 2017: December Student Showcases
December 17, 2017 – January 2, 2018: Winter break, no classes
January 15, 2018: Martin Luther King Day, no classes
January 2018: Auditions for 2018 Summer Intensive Programs (details to be announced)
February 7 – Friday, February 16, 2018: Mardi Gras break, no classes (depending on location)
March 25 – Monday, April 2, 2018: Spring break, no classes
April 24 - 26, 2018: May Spring Dance Concerts in Lyons Rec Center Gym (6:30pm each night)
May 2018 (exact date TBA): Spring Dance Concert at Tulane’s Dixon Hall (7:00pm)
May 2018 (exact dates TBA): Final Auditions for 2018 Summer Intensive Programs
•The academic year begins on Tuesday, September 5, 2017, and concludes with the Spring Concert in May 2018 for both Pre-Professional and Bridge Programs.
•Regular, punctual attendance is crucial to a dancer’s progress. Students MUST be able to attend all assigned program classes, rehearsals, performances master classes, workshops, meetings, and activities to register for the academic year. Dancers are expected to arrive on time, which is at least 15 minutes prior to the start of each session. Students that arrive late may be asked to sit out and observe class at the discretion of NOBA staff.
•If a participant will miss all or part of a session for any reason, please communicate this information to NOBA Education Coordinator Millette White in advance (see “Communication” section for contact information). Should a student be absent due to or report an illness or injury, a signed doctor’s clearance to return fully to dance sessions may be required by NOBA staff. Any anticipated and unanticipated conflicts, tardiness, absences and subsequent consequences will be handled at the discretion of NOBA Education Coordinators only.
•Make-up classes are not available.
•Students will be permitted a MAXIMUM of six (6) TOTAL absences (to include a MAXIMUM of two (2) absences per specific class day) per each fall and spring semester, and students MUST be in attendance at all mandatory final rehearsals as announced prior to performances. Students who have incurred between four to six (4-6) absences per semester will be flagged with a probationary attendance status, and students who have incurred seven (7) or more absences per semester may be subject to dismissal from the program.
•FULL participation in the following performances (please note dates are tentative) is MANDATORY for all students if assigned to roles within the productions (depends on level):
Sunday, December 3, 2017 (3:00pm & 6:00pm) - The Nutcracker Suite at Tulane University’s Dixon Hall
Sunday, May 14 or 21, 2018 (7:00pm) - Spring Concert at Tulane University’s Dixon Hall
*Note: All schedules, dates and times are subject to change. Students may be required to participate in additional community productions.

Students MUST be in full dress code at all times during classes and workshops. Students not in dress code will NOT be permitted to participate. NO EXCEPTIONS.
General Dress Code:
•NOT PERMITTED: jewelry of any kind, finger or toe nail polish, hair accessories or headbands (other than hair pins, hair nets, elastics for securing hair in a bun, and these items must match the student’s hair color)
•For safety reasons, students ARE REQUIRED to wear street clothing and shoes (top and bottom or dress/cover-up) upon arrival and departure.
Female Dress Code:
•Plain, solid black leotard (no front mesh paneling, colored trim, decorations, embellishments, rhinestones, writing, etc.)
•Pink convertible tights
•Pink ballet shoes (preferably canvas and split-sole for best possible articulation of the feet) for ballet with elastics sewn on securely.
•Black footless/convertible tights or leggings are required for modern technique classes.
•A nude or flesh-toned leotard with clear or nude straps is required for performances.
•All dance uniform items must be kept clean and without runs, tears etc. Hair should be pulled back neatly off the face and neck in a tight, secure bun at the crown (not the top) of the head – completely out of the eyes and off of the neck. Students are expected to use hair spray, gel, hair nets, and hair pins to best secure long hair in a bun. Very short hair must be secured with gel and hair pins.
•Any undergarments MUST be solid black and remain COMPLETELY UNSEEN under the student’s uniform (leotards with built in lining are required).
Male Dress Code:
•Fitted, white t-shirt, black tights (convertible to bare feet for modern), dance belt, and black ballet shoes (preferably split-sole).
•Hair should be pulled back off of the face and neck and out of the eyes.

•Participants are expected to exhibit professionalism and respect for all NOBA faculty, staff, and guest artists, their classmates, and themselves; follow dress code at all times; and be punctual, courteous, hardworking, dedicated, disciplined, and enthusiastic.
•NOBA staff will actively manage any behavioral situations that involve rudeness, disrespect, tardiness, excessive absenteeism, lack of preparedness, etc. Consequences may include: meeting with parents, suspension, dismissal from the program, or removal from performance opportunities.
•ABSOLUTELY NO ELECTRONICS, CELL PHONES, OR EXPENSIVE DEVICES PERMITTED. Students’ cell phones must be left off or on silent for the duration of the workshop session times and left in a secure, closed bag. Cell phone use is ONLY permitted in cases of emergency. NO EXCEPTIONS. NOBA is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
•ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINKS (with the exception of bottled water) are permitted in dance studios. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please make sure students eat a snack at home well before coming to class. Any food or drinks found being consumed in the studio and deemed inappropriate by NOBA Staff will be discarded.

•For safety reasons, students under the age of 18 should not leave session sites unaccompanied and should be dropped off and picked up by their parent or legal guardian (with the exception of students under 18 who are in possession of a valid driver’s license).
•Parents/guardians are not allowed to enter the dance studio for any reason during classes or rehearsals. Parents/guardians are not permitted to observe classes or rehearsals.
•Students should be picked up inside in the lobby or outdoor pick up area in a timely fashion, within 10-15 minutes of the end of their last class or rehearsal session.
•Before or after care is not available.

NOBA’s policy for consideration for placement in any and all 2017-2018 (September 2017 – May 2018) and Academic Year programs, including Open Track, Bridge, and Pre-Professional Programs, is as follows:
•Program acceptance and level placement is at the sole discretion of NOBA staff.
•Program and level placement changes may be made at any time, and all decisions are final.
•NOBA staff observe and evaluate all currently enrolled CFD students on an ongoing basis to monitor students’ prompt arrival, attendance, technical and artistic potential, progress, focus, attitude, work ethic, classroom performance, participation, behavior, adherence to dress code, neatness, personal responsibility, positive conduct and demeanor, and overall good standing within and representation of the program.
•NOBA staff may notify parents/guardians of any major progress issues throughout the year as applicable. A phone or in-person conference may be called by NOBA staff at any time through the year between students, parents/guardians, faculty and Education Coordinators to update parents/guardians on students’ progress as applicable.
•Students enrolled in previous sessions are not automatically re-invited each Academic Year and or summer to CFD Pre-Professional or Bridge Programs, and may be required to re-audition. Students may receive official invitations to return for the Academic Year and or summer ONLY at the discretion of and from NOBA Education Coordinators.
•Students that withdraw from their respective program(s) in the middle of the Academic Year or at any time may be required to wait a full year from the time of withdrawal to re-audition on a case by case basis.
•Students that do not attend classes with the CFD during summer sessions are be required to attend final auditions in August prior to the Academic Year, and will then be issued a recommendation or invitation by NOBA Education Coordinators to the appropriate program(s) within the CFD.

Please direct all Pre-Professional and Bridge Program inquiries to NOBA Education Coordinator Millette White via e-mail at, or by phone at the NOBA office at 504-522-0996 ext. 213. The primary means of communication for any Pre-Professional and Bridge Program updates will be made via e-mail to parents and students, so please make sure to open and carefully read all messages. In cases of emergency, please call or text Millette White’s cell at 985-373-1384. We appreciate your support and cooperation!
For more information about our Pre-Professional program, please contact Millette White at or
504-522-0996, ext. 213.
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